FlexGRIP Universal

FlexGRIP Universal, the smart way.

Catheter stabilization, the smart way.

Catheters can be a pain. Literally. Bedal’s FlexGRIP products strongly improve catheter stabilization—reducing the risk of dislodgement, infection, and kinking. Bonus: FlexGRIP makes for a much more comfortable experience.

Suitable for stabilizing & fixating a large range of catheters, such as nephrostomy, (post-op) drainage catheters, gripper needles (Port-a-cath), thrombolysis catheters, jejunostomy, tubings, cables and drivelines (eg. LVAD) etc.


Focusing on patient comfort, we used flexible material that moves along with the skin. This causes less discomfort and allows the patient to move more freely.


The FlexiGrip uses a specific technique for quick and easy placement. Beneficial for healthcare professionals, but also for patients undergoing the procedure.


The primary function of any catheter stabilization device? Ensuring secure attachment. Good thing FlexGRIP is about twice as strong as regular catheter stabilizers.


In terms of material, yes, but our patches are also widely applicable. A wide range of catheters can be stabilized with a minimal amount of products.

Features Benefits

Large diameter range: 5-18 Fr

Universal system, wide variety of applications

Unmatched strength of securement

Prevent catheter migration & related complication

Easy to use; pre-mounted fixation leash

Extra safety lip prevents accidental loosening

Additional lock for leash

Prevent MARSI – Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury

Skin-safe hypoallergenic adhesive

Optimal patient comfort

Soft materials only