Hyperseal Washers Manuka Honey

A hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, no-sting paste for use on uneven skin around a stoma. It smoothes and levels minor skin irregularities, creating an ideal base to improve the fit of your stoma bag. The paste helps form a perfect seal, so you can feel confident it will be held safely and securely in place.

A reassuringly comfortable fit
  • Moulds beautifully to all the body contours, while remaining exceptionally versatile
  • Can be stretched, shaped, moulded or cut to fit around the stoma
  • Doesn’t lose stickiness so can be re-joined if breaks
  • Treats skin with care − even on vulnerable or sore skin
  • Ideal for stomas that have crevices, fistulas or scar tissue that could make the surrounding stoma site uneven
  • Additional adhesion where it’s needed most to help prevent leakage


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