Total Knee Arthroplasty

Rediscover normal

Enabling patients to return to their perceived normal lifestyle is the driving need for total knee design. To achieve patient satisfaction and help them rediscover their normal, Smith & Nephew introduced the JOURNEY II knee. It is the only prosthesis designed and demonstrated to replicate normal knee positions, shapes, and motions.3

  • Smoother recovery (2): JOURNEY II TKA has been demonstrated to significantly improve flexion by enabling range of motion improvement earlier in the recovery period. (3)
  • Improved function (3-8): The normal knee designs of JOURNEY II TKA have shown to deliver improvements in both knee function and motion with increased medial/lateral (M/L) stability mid-flexion. (6)
  • Higher patient satisfaction (2-3): Quicker recovery, improved function and normal kinematic patterns of motion lead to high levels of patient satisfaction.