Konix Catheter Gel

Konix Catheter Gel is a sterile, clear and water-soluble gel containing lidocaine and chlorhexidine. Konix Sterile Catheter Gel can be used before catheter insertion, cystoscopy or other medical instrumentation into the Urethra.

Konix Sterile Catheter Gel works by covering the urethral mucosa with a slick layer, helping the catheter/medical instrument glide smoothly. The lidocaine in the catheter gel helps dull the pain related to urethral manipulation as it has an anaesthetic effect. The Gel also has an antiseptic effect, as it contains chlorhexidine, helping reduce the risk of potential infections that may occur within the urethral tract/bladder due to contamination during catheterisation.

Available on The Drug Tariff Part 1XA, listed as lubricant gels.

Konix Catheter Gel


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