Laparoscopic handheld instruments

Fannin provides a comprehensive laparoscopic & theatre essentials range to support healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland.

Our extensive range has been developed following consultation with healthcare professionals, ensuring we provide quality products at a cost-effective price, helping to maximise theatre productivity and efficiency.

Every item in our laparoscopic and theatre range has been sourced and developed to enable clinicians to provide the highest level of care to their patients during surgical procedures.

If you are interested in finding out more about our laparoscopic range, please fill out the enquiry form below and a product specialist will be in touch.


The SKINTACT® Laparoscopic range includes a large selection from Scissors to Forceps 

All products are Sterile, disposable and latex free 

Our products benefit from the following features

  • Ergonomic handle design

  • 360° rotation wheel for easier access during surgery

  • Superior insulation protection to maximum clinician safety

  • Patented Non-stick coating technology with precision operation is available for scissors 

Products available: 

Laparoscopic Hooks

LAPLH0004 Sterile Disposable Monopolar ELITE Laparoscopic L-Hook  5mm x 330mm with 4mm EU connector
LAPLH0005Sterile Disposable Monopolar ELITE Laparoscopic L-Hook 5mm x 330mm with 3m cable and 4mm male connector 

Laparoscopic Scissors

ALS1000TD Sterile Disposable Monopolar Scissors White Economy TD Handle with Grey Wheel(4mm EU connector) Curved blade 5mm x 330mm length
ALS1000TC  Sterile Disposable Monopolar Scissors White Premier TC Handle with white Wheel (4mm EU connector) Curved blade 5mm x 330mm

Laparoscopic Forceps and Graspers

ALG5000TDSterile Disposable Monopolar Single Action  Atraumatic fenestrated LONG JAW Johann Grasper. White Economy Ratchet TD Handle with Grey Wheel (4mm EU connector) 5mm X 345mm length
ALG3100LLSterile  Disposable Monopolar  Double Action  Grasping Autraumatic & Fenestrated  Forcep. White Premier TC Handle Green Wheel & Ratchet. (4mm EU connector) (Short Jaw) 5mm x 330mm Length 
ALG1000TD Sterile Disposable Monopolar Maryland Forcep, White Economy TD Handle with Dark Green Wheel (4mm EU connector) 5mm x 330mm Length 
ALG1000TCSterile Disposable Monopolar Double Action Maryland Dissecting Forcep, White Premier TC Handle with Blue wheel (4mm EU connector) 5mm x 330mm length 
ALG3100TD Sterile Disposable Monopolar Double Action, Atraumatic & Fenestrated Short Jaw Forcep. White Economy TD Handle with Ratchet and Blue Wheel (4mm EU connector) 5mm x 330mm 
ALG2000TD Sterile Disposable Monopolar Double Action, Clinch Forcep. White Economy TD Handle with Ratchet and Dark Green wheel (4mm EU connector) 5mm x 330mm

Suture Pass

D1001Straight suture Grasper 

Scope Warmer

74005-20Laparo Liquid Scope Warmer Sterile 


Fannin Lap consumables Lit Scotland

Fannin Lap consumables Lit.

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