Mepilex Heel

Soft and conformable foam dressing for wounds on the heel

Mepilex® Heel is a shaped foam dressing, designed for heels and typically used on pressure injuries. Mepilex Heel minimises pain and wound or skin damage at dressing change. Mepilex Heel is soft and conformable and will easily and comfortably fit the heel.

  • Minimises pain at dressing changes
  • Minimises the risk of maceration
  • Effective exudate management
  • Shaped especially for the heel
When to use Mepilex Heel

Mepilex Heel is an absorbent heel dressing – designed for a wide range of medium to highly exuding wounds. Whether applied to the heel or malleolus, Mepilex Heel effectively absorbs, which minimises the risk of maceration. With its Safetac®interface, Mepilex Heel can be removed with less risk of trauma to the wound or surrounding skin. Safetac also prevents Mepilex Heel from sticking to the wound bed yet adheres gently to the surrounding skin allowing easy application of secondary fixation. When necessary, secure Mepilex Heel with Tubifast™ fixation

Use Mepilex Heel:

  • For exuding wounds on the heel or malleolus
  • Pressure injuries
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Less painful and less stressful care for your patient

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