Motion management sachets

Morform is a motion management sachet for ostomates carefully designed to gel the contents of their stoma bag. This product is especially useful when suffering from a very liquid output or travelling on a plane.

Morform provides:

  • Reduced pouch bulging
  • Improved comfort
  • Less frequent stoma bag emptying
  • Reduced stoma pouch noise

Morform is suitable for everyday use, being available on prescription in discreet and convenient packs of 60 sachets.

How to use Morform

For external use only, use only as directed.

To gel pouch contents:

  • Place one sealed sachet into your stoma bag before fitting to your body
  • Additional sachets may be inserted into drainable pouches after emptying
  • Morform is non-toxic and flushes away in the usual manner


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