PORTEX® Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid

Reduce the risk of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid®OR Reduce the risk of VAP suction above the cuff

Product Benefits:
Cuffed Blue Line Ultra® tracheostomy tubes are intended to maintain patency of a patient’s airway and prevent aspiration:
  • Suction lumen to enable removal of secretions is integrated into tube wall for smooth, easy insertion to minimise trauma
  • High volume, low pressure Soft Seal® cuff allows an effective seal to be created whilst reducing the risk of tracheal stenosis
  • The 15mm connector on the tube, not inner cannula allows connection to the ventilator with or without the inner cannula for enhanced safety
  • Clear flange allows clear visualisation of the patient’s stoma