Pulse Lavage and Orthopaedic suction

Cleanest AC and Battery power Pulse Lavage

The application of Pulsed Lavage has been clinically proven to be essential for both orthopaedic procedures and wound debridement. In arthroplasty, bone bed cleaning with a Pulsed Lavage is a key aspect to the long-term survival of the prosthesis. In wound debridement, it effectively removes more than 90% of the necrotic tissues, contaminant and bacteria, consequently reduces infections rates. The Fannin CLEANEST Pulsed Lavage System is designed accordingly to fulfil these functions. This ergonomic, low noise, lightweight system offers both a powerful gear for orthopaedic applications and a gentle gear for soft tissue debridement. Concurrent suction an irrigation efficiently does its job without flooding the field. The system is delivered sterile and fully disposable.

Product Features

  • Double packed
  • Ergonomic, portable & easy to operate
  • High & low speeds for orthopaedic & soft-tissue debridement
  • Highly reliable with an extended battery life
  • Integrated tubing & power cable to prevent tangling


Clinical Evidence

“The routine use of pulsed or pressurized lavage appears to be the single most important factor in preparing the bone bed. It is essential in achieving adequate and uniform penetration of bone cement and a sound cement-bone interface.”

“After pressurized lavage, the cement-bone composite layer was 50% to 75% as strong as the bone cement and always stronger than the adjacent cancellous bone. This situation would seem to offer the best chance of maintaining a stable mechanical environment and allowing osseointegration to take place.”

“Since initial fixation strength is considered a key to long-term survival of the implants, the use of pulsed lavage should be regarded as a mandatory preparation step when cementing tibial components.”


‘Bone Surface Preparation in Cemented Joint Replacement. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Vol 75-B, Nr.3, May 1993.’

R.S. Majokowski, AW. Miles, O.C. Bannister J. Perkins, G.J.S. Taylor

‘Pulsed Lavage Improves Fixation Strength of Cemented Tibial Components. International Orthopaedics (SICO1) (2011)35:1165-1169’

Ulf J. Schlegel, Jan Siewe, Karl S. Deland, Peer Eysel, Klaus Pueschel, Michael M. Morlock, Anne Gebert de Uhlenbrock


Technical Details
Products Available:
W-203-B Clean Disposable Pulse Lavage
W-205-02-OB Mains operated Pulse Lavage System
W-205-01-OB Adaptor for W-205-02-0B mains operated Pulse Lavage System
W-202-P3 Femoral Brush Nozzle
W-202-P4 Spine Nozzle
W-202-P11 Large Splash Shield
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