Rollins7 One Mask

The next generation in oxygen mask for all tasks

The Rollins7 Oxygen Mask is a replacement mask for virtually every type of situation when addressing respiratory insufficiency and distress. The unique design can accommodate administration of oxygen, aerosol and respiratory medication delivery without compromise.

Patient Safety

  • No loss of FiO2 levels due to mask changes
  • Medication delivery without compromising FiO2 

Clinical Efficiency

  • Efficient FiO2 escalation and de-escalation management
  • Cost effective inventory management

Patient Comfort

  • Accommodates NG and OG tube
  • Access for hydration, oral suction and oral medicine
  • Wide adjustable strap reduces prolonged use pressure
  • Accommodates eyeglass wear


Clinical Evidence

Amsino OneMask Product Brochure

Cascade Impactor Study Comparing Amsino OneMask Oxygen Mask & Predicate Mask from Hudson RCI on a Human Model

Total Drug Delivery Comparison using the Amsino OneMask Oxygen Mask & Predicate Mask from Southmedic on a Ventilated Human Model

Amsino OneMask FiO2 Bench Testing Study

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