SAFIRA® Safer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia

A revolutionary new technology for Regional Anaesthesia

SAFIRA® makes regional anaesthesia a one person procedure, putting control in the hands of the anaesthetist. A unique engineered in safety solution
monitors and limits injection pressure. This improves patient safety by reducing the risk of patient nerve damage resulting from the regional anaesthesia procedure. SAFIRA® helps promote better outcomes for both professionals and patients.

Benefits of SAFIRA®:

  • SAFIRA® – SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia: SAFIRA® is a safer injection system for regional anaesthesia, allowing a single anaesthetist to conduct a whole regional block at safer pressures.
  • It makes regional anaesthesia a one operator procedure: By giving anaesthetists control of the whole procedure, they can manage all aspects of the regional block including injection of the anaesthetic. This improves safety and frees up resource as a second supporting operator is no longer required
  • It helps improve patient safety by controlling the injection pressure threshold: SAFIRA® incorporates a safety feature to help prevent injection at pressures above 20psi. This helps to reduce the chances of nerve damage in patients, promoting improved safety for regional anaesthesia.
  • SAFIRA® promotes better outcomes for patients: With its integrated safety solution to help limit the injection pressure threshold, SAFIRA® can help reduce the chance of accidental nerve damage, omitting follow up procedures.* Minimising the risk of nerve damage also reduces the chance of potential medical negligence compensation claims. 
  • It saves time and reduces costs: SAFIRA® saves 5 minutes per procedure** and limits the costs associated with extra operators. When
    time is money, SAFIRA® saves you both.

SAFIRA® Brochure 

*Heij R, Eldin E, Young P, Carter J, Gibson J, Ali A, et al. Regional Anesthesiology Injection Pressures comparing Skilled Assistants With SAFIRA in a Simulated Ultrasound Guided Technique. In: The Anesthesiology annual meeting [Internet]. 2013 [cited 2020 Mar 31]. Available from:

**Fong-Soe-Khioe R. Health Economic Report Medovate Commissioned, University of East Anglia (UEA). 

Technical Details
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