SHE SHA Smoke Evacuation System

Smoke Evacuation

BOWA SHE SHA smoke evacuation units are intended to evacuate and filter surgical smoke plume and aerosols created by the interface surgical tools with tissue, examples being lasers, electrosurgery systems, and ultrasonic devices.

The SHE SHA Smoke Evacuation Units have been designed with a high suction, high flow rate vacuum motor. The ultra-quiet motor is used to draw the surgical smoke from the surgical site through the vacuum tubing and into the SHE SHA filter where the surgical smoke is processed by a series of filters. A single disposable filter is used to simplify the installation and removal during filter changes. The filter is completely enclosed to protect the healthcare personnel from potential contamination during filter changes. One BOWA SHE SHA filter contains four different stages within to capture the smoke plume.

The first stage filtration is a prefilter whose function is to trap and remove gross particulate and casual fluid.

The second stage filtration is ULPA grade (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter whose high-tech patented (U.S. Patent #5874052) design captures particulates and micro-organisms from .1 to .2 microns at an efficiency of 99.999%.

The third stage filtration uses the highest grade virgin activated carbon for the removal and adsorption of odors and toxic gases produced by strong heating of biological tissue. These harmful gases may constitute a health hazard to healthcare professionals who are subjected to prolonged exposure. The activated carbon used in the SHE SHA smoke evacuation systems preferentially removes toxic organic gases rather than water vapor and provides optimal odor removal.

The fourth stage filtration is an expanded foam used to trap activated carbon fines from migrating out of the filter. The electronic controls on the front panel of the SHE SHA Smoke Evacuation System have been designed user friendly and facilitate unit set up and operation. Please refer to Section 2.0 for Operating Instructions.