A one size male continence device to fit all

Effective management of male urinary incontinence should provide patients with a sense of comfort and security. Traditional methods of managing urinary incontinence such as sheaths are not suitable for every individual, can cause painful skin damage and leave some patients feeling degraded. Fortunately, there is another option, BioDerm.

What is BioDerm?
  • BioDerm is a one size external continence device exclusively for men
  • Can stay in place for up to 3 days, providing a longer lasting solution to sheaths
  • Attaches to just the tip of the penis so that urine flows away from the skin
  • It is particularly suitable for men with retracted anatomy or retracted anatomy when sitting
  • Is made from skin-friendly hydrocolloid and can be used on fragile skin
  • Moulds to your shape and size, moving with the skin whilst offering comfort, confidence and dignity
  • Has an integrated tube that can be attached to a leg or night drainage bag
  • 100% latex free
Is BioDerm right for me?

BioDerm is suitable for all men both circumcised and uncircumcised. However, to use BioDerm you must be able to gently pull back the foreskin (if present). If the foreskin doesn’t move then BioDerm is not the right product for you.

Use BioDerm if:

  • You are a sheath user and you are experiencing leaks or your sheath falling off during the day or at night, disrupting your sleep
  • You are a sheath user and you have broken or excoriated skin
  • You have:
    • Retracted anatomy or retracted anatomy when sitting
    • Large tip and a narrow shaft
    • Frequent erections, causing your current product to dislodge

Be aware of the initial adaptation phase when choosing a convenient time to start using BioDerm. Click here to find out more

BioDerm is gentle on the skin

  • BioDerm is made of a very thin, 100% latex free, hydrocolloid material, making it extremely skin friendly and suitable for latex allergy sufferers
  • This male continence device fits onto the tip of the penis, not over the shaft like traditional sheaths, allowing the skin to breath and the urine to be directed away from the body making urination as natural as possible.
  • BioDerm’s unique tubing encourages urine to flow away from the penis; thereby, preventing ‘back-flow’

BioDerm gives peace of mind and protection

  • The seven unique hydrocolloid petals adhere to the tip, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. A thin integrated hydrocolloid collar completes the seal ensuring an effective application that may stay in place for longer than traditional devices
  • BioDerm can be connected to any brand of leg or night drainage bag
  • BioDerm can be used on circumcised (where there is no foreskin present) and uncircumcised (where the foreskin is present and moveable) men.