SKINTACT® Easitab Resting ECG

The SKINTACT® Easitab System - Your best choice for an excellent and safe Resting ECG

Excellent Trace Quality.

The conductive adhesive Aqua-Tac hydrogel of SKINTACT® Easitabs provides a reliable signal tracing of consistent high quality. 

Secure Adhesion and Patient Comfort.

SKINTACT® Easitabs feel soft but stick well to the patient’s skin. After the ECG they can be removed comfortably – without loss of hair.

Superior Safety.

Proper use of SKINTACT® Easitabs eliminates cross infection whereas suction electrode bred bacteria and fungi.

Time Efficiency.

Unlike suction electrodes, SKINTACT® Easitabs on a handy card are applied quickly on all types of patients. Aqua-Tac gel requires no clean up after the ECG. Easiprep and Easiclip tab adaptors further facilitate your success.

Products available 

RT-34            Adult resting ECG tab electrode 25x21mm carbon silver backed Aqua -Tac
RT-38          Adult resting  ECG tab electrode 25x21mm, carbon silver backed Aqua -Tac
RT-74           Adult resting ECG  tab electrode,26x24mm, carbon silver backed Aqua -Tac
XL-B38 Adult resting ECG tab electrode, 34x20mm carbon silver backed Aqua -Tac
FWA00       Adult resting ECG tab electrode, 32x37mm foam backed in strips of 3 Aqua-Wet
XL-BB00 Adult resting ECG tab electrode,  foam backed, 37x28mm radiotranslucent in strips of 5 Aqua-Wet
F-VK04  Foam Backed Diagnostic 12 ECG lead Electrode. Universal Offset connection with 4mm slot  Size 35 x 40mm Aqua-Wet 25 packs of 30pcs
FS-WB00  Adult resting  ECG tab electrode, foam backed, 28x28mm radiotranslucent in strips of 5 Aqua-Wet
RT-14            Paediatric resting ECG tab electrode, 15x35mm  carbon silver backed Aqua -Tac

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