Skintact® ECG electrodes for stress testing and Holter monitoring

  • Bonding safe – Skintact® stress test electrodes with reinforced adhesive hold reliably. Even when patients transpire heavily. The PE foam backing is also impermeable to liquids. The ECG electrodes are therefore also suitable for echocardiograms.
  • Comfortable to wear – The particularly skin-friendly Skintact® ECG electrodes T-604 B and T-VO01 allow the skin to breathe and ensure excellent wearing comfort, especially during prolonged wear.
  • Easy to handle – The easy-to-open pouch and the peel-off aid of each Skintact® ECG electrode facilitate daily handling. On the Skintact® decenter electrodes, the cables can be connected even more conveniently and reduce the risk of squeezing gel onto the electrode surface.
  • Innovative electrode technology – The adhesive ring of the T-VO01 made of PE foam protects the gel from drying out and provides additional adhesive strength. This guarantees reliable adhesion and significantly reduces artifacts.
  • The PVC-free variant – Our Skintact® Decenter ECG electrodes are not only more convenient to connect, but also PVC-free.


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