Tracheostomy Wound Dressing

This unique post-decannulation tracheostomy wound dressing accelerates the healing process and offers greater patient comfort following the removal of a tracheostomy tube.

  • Unique dressing specifically designed to address stoma closure difficulties
  • Four customised shape designs to adapt to different patient requirements
  • Centre button plate enables accurate and consistent location of the tracheostomy wound
  • Gentle pressing of the button plate prevents unwanted passage of air through the wound during actions such as talking, coughing and sneezing
  • Core silicone oil technology provides a gentle layer to protect fragile skin
  • Foam silicone layer with high exudate swell absorption capacity
  • Vapour permeable waterproof adhesive film provides optimal moisture wound management, pain free removal and reduces trauma during removal
  • Improves whole patient experience following tracheostomy tube decannulation, leading to shorter hospital stays and fewer complications
  • Promotes faster healing and restoration of speech

Tracheseal Tracheostomy Wound Dressing



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