Ultrasonic Gel

Skintact Ultrasonic Gel

SKINTACT Ultrasonic Gel 

  • Ultrasonic gel for diagnostic and medical ultrasound therapy
  • Superior bio-compatible, hypoallergenic – non irritant
  • Odourless and optimum viscosity with easy glide properties
  • Easy removal from skin or clothing leaving no residue – water soluble
  • The unique processing of Skintact Ultrasonic Gel eliminates air bubbles
  • Signals and transmissions are clear and free of artefacts
  • Bottles are squeezable and easy to close with a push-pull cap
  • Available As Blue Gel or Clear– 250 ml—5 Litre and 20 ml Sterile Sachets


Technical Details
Product code Product description 
58321T Skintact Ultrasonic Clear Gel 250 ml Bottle
58558 Skintact Ultrasonic Clear Gel 5 L Cubitainer + 1 empty bottle and filler
TK001 Skintact Ultrasound Gel 20 ml Sterile sachet
UG001 Skintact Ultrasonic Blue Gel 250 ml Bottle

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