UniPerc™ Adjustable Flange Tracheostomy Tube with Inner cannulea

Portex®, the leading brand of airway products from Smiths Medical, has developed a unique range of percutaneous tracheostomy tubes and kits specially designed for patients with large necks.

The percutaneous kit with single stage dilator enables clinicians to perform tracheostomies at the bedside, while the extended-length tubes (also sold separately) can be placed using a surgical technique in the operating room.

UniPerc® products and their components have been designed to make percutaneous insertions into patients with unusual neck anatomy quick, safe and effective. The UniPerc® range is particularly suitable for patients with up to 50mm pre-tracheal depth. • Large necks. • Muscular necks. • Short necks. • Obese necks. • Bull necks. • Challenging anatomy.

  • UniPerc® Percutaneous Dilation Tracheostomy Kit Contents:
    • Scalpel with a number 15 blade.
    • Curved forceps for the blunt dissection of pretracheal tissues.
    • 10 ml syringe for aspiration.
    • Extra long graduated pre-dilator.
    • Extra long guide wire.
    • Extra long guiding catheter.
    • Hydrophilic graduated single stage dilator.
    • UniPerc® cuffed adjustable flange tracheostomy tube.
    • Tracheostomy tube introducer.
    • Flexible inner cannula.
    • Swabs x 10.
    • Tracheostomy tube holder.
    • Tracheostomy cleaning swab.
    • Sterile lubricating jelly.
    • Point-lok® needle protection device for introducer needle.
    • Tracheostomy tube disconnection wedge.
  • Suitable for patients with up to 50mm pretracheal depth.
  • The unique distinctive 10 millimetre markings on the cannula, predilator and the single stage dilator enable accurate measurement of the pretracheal depth. The same measurement can be used to pre set the adjustable flange on the UniPerc® adjustable tracheostomy flange to the correct distance.
  • The single stage dilator’s unique opening in the midline helps stabilise the guiding catheter and guide wire.
  • A dedicated inner cannula means that the new UniPerc® tracheostomy tube is the first to be designed with its sizing based on the inside diameter, with its inner cannula in place.
  • MRI conditional – Instructions for Use must be followed for use during Magnetic Resonance Imaging