Varicase Medical Compression Hosiery

Varicase Medical Compression Hosiery is designed using years of knowledge and experience of experts to give users the best possible medical benefits and added comfort according to the CEN/TR: 1581:2009 Medical Compression Stockings Standard. Varicase Compression Stockings and Socks are made from a yarn dyed knitted fabric, which is covered in pure silver thread.

  • Varicase Compression stockings and socks are at a European Compression Standard.
  • Our measurement system has been developed so that they can be accurately selected for every patient.
  • Our graduate profile ensures maximum compression is applied at the ankle and decreases towards the thigh.
  • The double-covered yarn which has excellent elasticity allows for long wear-life, and easy application and removal and is covered in silver/elastane.
  • By only using materials that have the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate we can minimise the risk of allergic effects on the skin.
  • The stockings and socks are soft, breathable and have moisture absorbent features thanks to our special microfiber yarn.
  • The thigh length stockings have a dotted silicone top band which prevents the stocking from slipping and also reinforces the compression on the leg.
  • Varicase are washable by hand or machine.

Within the Varicase Compression range there are more than just compression stockings and socks available. Several more options have been introduced to the range to give the customer more options to choose from. The newly added products to the range are:

Anti-bacterial Compression Stockings
  • Produced with pure silver thread and cotton yarns.
  • Fights bacteria which causes bad foot odour and fungus
  • Anti-Odour neutralizes ammonia and denatures proteins which are the two main principle causes of odour.
  • The anti-static feature disperses the electrostatic charge.
  • Stockings are thermo dynamic which means they are fresh in the summer and warm in winter.
Diabetic Socks
  • Developed specifically for people who suffer from diabetes.
  • Varicase Diabetic Socks are produced using X-Static yarns.
  • The natural silver yarns prevent 99.9% of bacteria in the feet.
  • The pure silvers conductivity produce magnetic field which speeds up the blood circulation which in turn helps to prevent oedema in the foot
Flight Stockings
  • Designed for increased health and comfort for extensive time spent travelling.
  • The double-covered yarn enables an excellent elasticity, long-term use, easy to wear and easily removed.
  • Variacse Flight Stockings have maximum compression at the ankle which gradually decreases towards the knee.
Elastic Brace
  • Elastic ankle braces, elastic calf braces, elastic knee braces and elastic elbow braces are all available.
  • Proved maximum comfort and support to ankles/calves/knees/elbows.
  • Braces can be worn on both legs through the appropriate anatomical structure.
Leg Ulcer Kits
  • Varicase Leg Ulcer Kits reduces pain and swelling and provides the necessary compression needed to heal Venous Ulcers.

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