Volumat MC Agilia Connect


  • Suitable for all healthcare environments

  • Easy set installation

  • Intuitive handling and clear visibility

  • Comprehensive pictograms and alarm management functions

  • Flow rate range: 1-1500 ml/h. 0.01 increments instead of 0.1 and 0.1ml/h minimum instead of 1 is activated when the default patient weight is set under 20Kg

  • Flow rate accuracy: ± 5% and even better in most clinical situations

  • Bolus: 1500 ml/h, adjustable from 50 ml/h to 1,500 ml/h (50 ml/h increments)

Infusion Modes

  • mlh modes Volume + Flow rate, Volume + Time, Flow rate + Time, Volume + Time + Rate, Rate only (if optional drop sensor is used), Ramp-up Ramp-down, Sequential  Intermittent, Secondary  Piggyback, Dropmin

  • Dose rate modes ngh, ngkgmin, ngkgh, ngm224h, μgmin, μgh, μgkgmin, μgkgh, μgm2min, μgm2h, mgmin, mgh, mg24h, mgkgmin, mgkgh, mgkg24h, mgm2min, mgm2h, gh, gkgmin, gkgh, gm2min, gm2h, gm224h, mUmin, mUh, mUkgmin, mUkgh, mUm2min, mUm2h, Umin, Uh, Ukgh, Ukg24h, Um2min, Um2h, mEqmin, Eqh, mEqkgmin, mEqkgh, mEqm2min, mEqm2h, mEqm224h, mmolh, kcalh, kcal24h, kcalkgh, kcalkg24h. With or without loading dose.

  • Dose time mode calculation of the rate is based on dose and dilution over an adjusted time.

  • OCS patent The Occlusivity Check System is the only auto-test to check the good working order of the pump in association with its set and thus preventing risk of free-flow.

  • Bolus 1500 mlh, adjustable from 50 mlh to 1500mlh by 50 mlh increments. Manual or programmable.

  • Programming modes

  • No drug names infusion without any display of the drug names.

  • Drug labelling infusion with the drug names displayed.

  • Vigilant® Drug’Lib the secured IV administration mode by soft and hard limits.

  • Customized drug library with Vigilant®, the IV Medication Safety Solution.

  • 2 pressure modes variable (from 50 to 750 mmHg, 50 mmHg increment) or 3 pre-set levels.

  • DPS The Dynamic Pressure System – DPS – warns of pressure variations. A risk of obstruction or a possible leak in the infusion line can thus be anticipated.

  • Battery Li-Ion, battery life at least 8 hours at 100 mlh, remaining battery life and battery charge level available on the display.

  • Dimensions (HWD) 145 x 130 x 135 mm Weight ~2000 gr.

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