VPR Tube

Ventilatory Pneumonia Reduction Tube

The VPR Tube Ventilatory Pneumonia Reduction Tube, with its unique bevelled cuff, incorporates a drainage point at the post tracheal wall. It is supplied with our AccuCuff cuff pressure indicator as standard.
  • Maximised secretion drainagefrom Subglottic region reducing the risk of Ventilatory and Post Ventilatory Pneumonia
  • AccuCuffcuff pressure indicator provides continuous visual display eliminating the need for regular spot checking
  • No need for the use of a reusable gauge, further reducing the risk of cross infection
  • Improved cuff pressuresdue to the elimination of regular spot checking, ensuring a continuous low pressure seal preventing seepage of secretions into the lower airway
  • Negative pressure graduation on the AccuCuffindicates when the cuff is fully deflated, reducing the risk of trauma during removal
  • Manufactured from clear PVC
  • Clear connectors – EGBAT compliant
  • Murphy Eye
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free
  • DEHP Free
  • 5 years shelf life allows long term storage and reduces waste

Ventilation Pneumonia Reduction (VPR) brouchure

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