Bowmed Ibisqus

Bowmed Ibisqus Limited is a privately owned pharmaceutical company specialising in the supply of generic injectable medicines to the NHS hospital and private sector.

Their UK team, based in rural North Wales, is responsible for delivering sustainable cost efficiencies to the NHS whilst maintaining an uncompromising quality standard. Bowmed Ibisqus is proud to be acknowledged as a leading supplier to the NHS and delighted to be working with key partners who have shared their vision and helped make their achievements possible.

As part of their commitment to their core principles Bowmed Ibisqus has made a significant financial investment in the UK operation which has delivered –

  • an enviable market leading supply record
  • an ability to ensure continuity of supply on key medicines
  • minimum disruption to service levels
  • increased value & reduced costs for the NHS


The existence of companies such as Bowmed Ibisqus has enabled the NHS to make significant budgetary savings & they provide a balance between cost effective procurement and sustainability of supply.

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