Prodol Meditec

Prodol Meditec S.A. manufacturer and market the Airtraq® video camera and wireless monitor. The low-weight video camera allows viewing and recording when connected to any external monitor or PC.

The Airtraq wireless monitors automatically receive and display the images from any Airtraq video camera by radiofrequency at 2.4 Ghz. It also includes a charging dock station.


“Prodol has the pleasure of working in partnership with Fannin for over a decade and they have been fundamental in developing our business in the United Kingdom. They don’t think in terms of only sales, but rather in terms of building long term sustainable business. The sales team are focused and highly driven getting an understanding of the customer’s needs and then finding the correct solution. The ability also to understand technical and complex products is strongly evident. I have no hesitation in recommending Fannin to any company looking for a professional and competent partner to grow their business in the United Kingdom.”

Nigel Dunlop, Product Manager, Prodol

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