Lactate Monitoring Meters

Fast, Virtually Painless Lactate Testing!

StatStrip® Connectivity and StatStrip Xpress Point-of-Care Lactate Analysers


  • Rapid sepsis detection and monitoring
  • Fastest turnaround – 13 seconds
  • 0.6 μL whole blood sample
  • Excellent correlation to central laboratory reference methods

StatStrip Lactate is a handheld point-of-care testing system that brings lactate testing directly to the patient’s bedside. Lactate is currently measured on blood gas analysers, which creates numerous problems for bedside testing.  Blood gas analysers require anaerobic, arterial samples; large sample volumes (100-200 microlitres); and require long analysis times (up to 2.5 minutes). In addition, blood gas analysers are complex to operate, fixed in location, and expensive to purchase and use.

StatStrip Lactate provides the fastest turnaround time possible (13 seconds), on the smallest whole blood sample (0.6 microlitres), and can be easily operated by medical and nursing staff. StatStrip Lactate is a very low-cost device that makes lactate testing practical and affordable in any size ED, ICU, or medical unit.


Lactate Plus Meter

The Test

Lactate Plus measures blood lactate, a muscle performance indicator, very quickly with a small drop of blood. This provides a virtually painless, yet fast and accurate test for lactate. Blood lactate is the premier indicator of aerobic conditioning for athletes and coaches and a key predictor of performance.

Fast Analysis Time

Lactate Plus provides results in only 13 seconds. This enables athletes to quickly assess performance and adjust training strategies.

Lab-Like Accuracy

Lactate Plus is made by Nova Biomedical, the global leader in hospital- based blood lactate analyzers. More hospitals worldwide use Nova analyzers for lactate measurement than any other company. The same high standards for accuracy and reliability that are required for hospital use have been incorporated into the Lactate Plus meter.

Less Pain

Lactate tests on other meters are painful and therefore difficult to incorporate into routine training. They need 5 to 25 microliters of blood and require a wide-gauge lance to pierce the skin deeply enough to obtain a large sample. Lactate Plus requires only 0.7 microliters of capillary blood. This allows for the use of the thinnest, most shallow, and least painful lancing devices available, which increases the athlete’s tolerance for testing.

Large Color Display

Lactate Plus features a large color display that’s easy to read even when outdoors.

Ergonomic Non-slip Design

The ergonomic non-slip case ensures a secure and comfortable grip for testing.

Test Strip Ejector

An integrated test strip ejector improves operator safety when testing multiple athletes.

Eliminates Calibration Codes

Most lactate test strips require a unique calibration code to be entered manually or by inserting a coding strip before testing with each new lot of test strips. Using the wrong code can change the lactate result by as much as 30%. Lactate Plus strips do not require calibration codes or coding strips, eliminating both a time-consuming step and a source of error.

Low Cost

Lactate Plus meters and strips are priced less than most other similar devices.


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