OLS Autosampler

Fully Automated Sampling Option

FLEX2 Online Autosampler

BioProfile FLEX2 is capable of automated online sampling. Nova’s FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler (OLS) provides fully automated sampling from virtually all culture systems from single-use bench scale bioreactors to large production bioreactors. When connected to an OPC-compatible control system, FLEX2 wih OLS provides real-time data transmission for automated sampling, analysis, and feedback control of all measured parameters. The OLS can connect up to 10 vessels and setup time for a full bench of 10-bioreactors can be completed in less than 20 minutes.


FLEX2 and ESM integration with ambr® 250 and ambr 15 cell culture systems

Nova has also integrated the FLEX2 analyzer with ambr 15 and 250 microbioreactors to provide a fully automated system. FLEX2’s optional External Sampling Module (ESM) automatically delivers cell culture samples from ambr® 250 and ambr® 15 microbioreactor systems to FLEX2 for analysis.


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