Pentra C200 Biochemistry Analyser


  • Fixed cycles provide continuous throughput of 90 colourimetric tests/hour

  • Optional high throughput ISE module (270 tests/hour)

  • Reagent management with unique “Pentra” cassette

  • Fully automatic cuvette management – 2 racks of 96 single use cuvettes

  • Dedicated waste compartment for used cuvettes and contaminated liquid

  • Integrated computer and cooling unit (Peltier)

General Description

  • Analysis Method Types:

      • Spectrophotometry: Colorimetry and Turbidimetry

      • Potentiometry: Direct (Serum or Plasma) and Indirect (Urine)

  • 15 parameters per reagent tray

  • Optional ISE Module (Na+, K+, Cl-)

  • Maximum Throughput: up to 360 test/h (140 tests/h in standard configuration)

  • CE Marked

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