Precision Biologics Third Party Controls

For more than 20 years, Labs have been trusting Precision BioLogic’s integrated line of high-quality, frozen cryocheck™ controls and calibrators to help them deliver consistently accurate results.

Their frozen format eliminates reconstitution errors and offers products that are ready to use in minutes.

Product List

  • cryocheck Pooled Normal Plasma
  • cryocheck Abnormal 1 Control
  • cryocheck Abnormal 2 Control
  • cryocheck Normal Reference Plasma
  • cryocheck Reference Control Normal
  • cryocheck Abnormal 1 Reference Control
  • cryocheck Abnormal 2 Reference Control
  • cryocheck Lupus Positive Control
  • cryocheck Weak Lupus Positive Control
  • cryocheck Low Fibrinogen Control
  • cryocheck Heparin Control
  • cryocheck APCR Positive Control
  • cryocheck Normal Donor Set
  • cryocheck CorPac™

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