Reagent Kits

AATI develops a variety of reagent kits for the Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System, the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY™ Automated CE System, the FEMTO Pulse™ Automated Pulsed-Field CE Instrument and the ZAG™ DNA Analyzer. Our kits cover a variety of applications in both quantitative and qualitative nucleic acid analysis including: PCR amplicon analysis, NGS Library QC, genotyping, and CRISPR mutation detection.

Kits for the Fragment Analyzer and the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY

The reagent kits for the Fragment Analyzer and the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY are interchangeable, including quantitative and qualitative kits for DNA and RNA analysis.

Kits for the FEMTO Pulse

The reagent kits for the FEMTO Pulse take full advantage of the instruments capabilities, providing unparalleled sensitivity and sizing capacity for RNA and DNA analysis.

Kits for the ZAG DNA Analyzer

Designed for qualitative DNA analysis, the reagent kits are ideal for high-throughput molecular biology applications including PCR amplicon analysis and genotyping.

AccuCleave™ Kits

Streamline CRISPR gene editing workflows with quick and accurate identification of mutation events, saving time and money on downstream characterization.


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