StatSensor and StatSensor Xpress Creatinine and eGFR Meters

Excellence in the Palm of Your Hand!

The StatSensor Creatinine Hospital Meter System is a handheld analyzer and miniaturized, single-use biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing. StatSensor Creatinine incorporates patented Multi-Well™ technology. StatSensor Creatinine’s advanced technology enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by fingerstick capillary blood sampling at the point of care.

Simple Testing Procedure

  1. Place biosensor in meter
  2. Lance finger to create blood drop
  3. Apply blood drop to biosensor
  4. Read creatinine results


  • Virtually painless, 1.2 µL fingerstick capillary blood sample
  • Creatinine and eGFR results in 30 seconds
  • Cleared for use by point-of-care (POC) personnel

Radiology and cardiac catherization

Minimize risk of contrast induced nephropathy (CIN) – StatSensor Creatinine provides rapid, real-time renal assessment prior to contrast imaging.

Improve productivity and workflow – StatSensor Creatinine POC testing can prevent costly procedure room cancellations and workflow interruptions when patients arrive for imaging appointments without a current creatinine/eGFR workup.

Improve patient satisfaction – StatSensor Creatinine testing can prevent patient dissatisfaction when renal function must be determined before an imaging procedure and has not yet been tested when the patient arrives for the procedure.

Reduce medication risks – Renal impairment is frequent in cancer patients, who are at high risk of chemotherapy-induced renal toxicity. StatSensor Creatinine provides important kidney function information for chemotherapy drug selection and dosing.

Improve patient satisfaction – Many cancer outpatients need to have their kidney function assessed before receiving their chemotherapy treatment. Obtaining a venous blood sample and sending it to a laboratory for creatinine/eGFR testing could delay chemotherapy for several hours. A chemotherapy treatment that might take a couple of hours could turn into a full day and cause patient dissatisfaction. With StatSensor Creatinine, a capillary blood sample can be obtained and renal function can be quickly determined.

ED: Improve patient triage, expedite patient care
Various triage patient care protocols in the emergency department may require rapid assessment of renal function in order to triage the patient. In addition, many ED therapies require timely administration of drugs and adjustment of drug dosage based on renal function. StatSensor Creatinine accurately assesses renal function with a simple, 30-second test that can be easily performed in the ED.

Community settings, pharmacies, clinics 
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) and acute kidney injury (AKI) are increasingly encountered in community settings and contribute to morbidity, mortality, and increased healthcare resource utilization. An important study by International Society of Nephrology (ISN) reports that StatSensor Creatinine/eGFR can be successfully used to optimize early identification of CKD and high risk AKI in the community setting.


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