StatStrip® Glucose Monitoring Meter


  • Only glucose meters accurate enough to be FDA-cleared for use with ALL patients, 
    including critically ill
  • ONLY glucose meters cleared by the FDA for use with all patients, in all professional healthcare settings, including critical care
  • ONLY glucose meters that are CLIA-waived for use with all patients including critically ill
    • Nursing and point-of-care (POC) operators can perform testing with all patients
  • Accuracy proven in study of 1,698 critically ill patients with over 257 medical conditions
    • Improved accuracy results in fewer insulin misdoses and better outcomes for critically ill patients
  • Excellent correlation to IDMS traceable laboratory methods
    • ONLY glucose meter proven to have no known clinical interferences 
    • Tested over 8,000 medications with no interferences
  • ONLY glucose measurement technology specifically designed for hospital use
  • Wireless meter connectivity to LIS/HIS with StatStrip Glucose


ROI orders / enquiries please contact

+353 1 2907000

+353 1 2907111

NI orders / enquiries please contact

+44 2890 735 588

+44 2890 735 599