Variant™ II Turbo Diabetes Analyser

Bring efficiency and accuracy together for quality patient care.


  • Fully-automated operation saves time and labor
  • Eliminate time-consuming sample prep with primary tube sampling
  • Flexibility in workflow through either continuous or batch sampling
  • STAT capability
  • Simplified data management with powerful software
  • Reagents supplied in convenient kit format
  • Readily viewable reagent levels in transparent buffer bottles
  • Reagent level monitored in software
  • Easy-to-use tools for QC, instrument support and education


  • 97 seconds per sample
  • Deliver accurate results


  • HbA1c reportable in presence of HbS, C, D or E traits*
  • HbA1c reportable in presence of CHb and LA1c*
  • HbA1c reportable in presence of HbF as high as 25%*
  • NGSP certified and traceable to Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
  • Excellent HPLC precision
  • Traceable to the IFCC Reference Method


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NI orders / enquiries please contact

+44 2890 735 588

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