Community Care Services (CCS)

Fannin Community Care Services (CCS) provides the complete scope of services required for the efficient management and safe reuse of aids and appliances in the community.

Fannin CCS services include delivery, collection, decontamination, cleaning, asset management, repair, storage and disposal of a large variety of equipment to assist daily living and palliative care within the community.

Emergency 24/7 engineering support is an important element of the CCS service providing breakdown and repair to clients who would otherwise be without the equipment essential to maintaining their quality of life.

Fannin CCS operates in a sector where clients are in general at their most vulnerable and care givers at their most anxious.  This requires CCS staff to possess a particular range of skills and to have an understanding and empathy with the clients while delivering an efficient and cost effective service.   Across the entire team there is a single minded resolve of dedication to fulfilling the needs of our clients.  Each and every member of our team regularly goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are central to everything we do.

For further information, please contact:

Ph:   +353 (0)1 2907080
Fax: +353 (0)1 2907117