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Flen Health

Flen, a privately owned company, was established in November 2000 building on the results of wound-treatment research performed by its managing director and pharmacist Philippe Sollie. Flen’s products for wound healing...

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P3 Medical

P3 Medical is a fast growing UK based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative Anaesthesia and Operating Room Consumables for the global healthcare market. Established...

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HEMODIA, created by Pierre MONTORIOL in Toulouse in 1985 – is a company known for its knowledge and expertise in the design, production and marketing of single-use medical devices. HEMODIA has been...

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Wellspect Healthcare, with headquarters in Mölndal, Sweden, is a leading global provider of innovative medical devices with a focus on helping people suffering from urinary retention or chronic constipation. Many...

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Tulip Airways

The Tulip airway is a range of airway devices designed to allow anyone to resuscitate anybody anywhere, even by family members and children at home. The Tulip has been specifically...

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ENARIS Medical, part of the Sirane Group, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of consumable products into the medical and healthcare sector, including absorbent non-slip disposable floor mats, absorbent disposable tourniquet drapes and...

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SkinGen International

SkinGen International is composed of a range of management assets including BASIS Medical Technologies Inc, SilDerm Limited and AIME Medical Inc. The executive team at SkinGen brings together over 80...

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Health with certainty. It is often the little things in life that are of great importance. In everyday medical practice sometimes a single gram can make all the difference in terms...

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SERB is a European specialty pharmaceutical group focused on prescription medicines which address rare and life-threatening diseases. Following strategic acquisitions and targeted developments, SERB has succeeded in establishing a consistent drugs...