Cuff Pressure Indicator

Representing a significant advance in cuff pressure monitoring, the AccuCuff™ Cuff Pressure Indicator is one of our most innovative intubation safety devices.

Product Features:

  • Continuous visual display eliminates the need for constant spot-checking and reduces the risk of Post-Ventilation Pneumonia
  • Negative pressure graduation ensures cuff is fully deflated, reducing the risk of trauma during removal
  • Lightweight device reduces drag and potential tube displacement
  • Suitable for use on a wide range of airway devices extending usage into many clinical areas
  • Simple design for ease of use


Fannin AccuCuff Brochure


Technical Details
Product code Product description Units per box
AC0100B AccuCuff™ Tracheal Cuff Pressure Indicator, Luer Lock (Blue) 50
AC0100P AccuCuff™ Paediatric Trachael Cuff Pressure Indicator, Luer Lock (Pink) 50

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