Biogel Eclipse®

Biogel Eclipse gives your fingertips extra sensory reception

 Biogel Eclipse® is a powder-free and low-protein surgical glove, made of natural rubber latex. It is manufactured using a unique pre-treatment process that provides a new level of fit, feel and comfort.

Great fit, feel and comfort – Biogel coating makes gloves easy to don even with damp hands, and soothes the skin to prevent moisture loss1, 7

A low AQL* of 0.65 after packaging is achieved through 100% air inflation inspection after packaging

Competing glove types are at least 3.5 times as likely to fail3

This is the exchange glove when the outer glove in the Biogel Eclipse Indicator System has been perforated. It is important to use this glove to maintain the colour indication system

Every glove is non-pyrogenic, sterile and powder-free reducing the risk of post-operative complications

Biogel Eclipse



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