Cuff-Safe® Endotracheal Tube Range

Supplied with AccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator as standard

  • Supplied withAccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator
  • AccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator allows for continuous visual monitoring of the cuff pressure, eliminating the need for regular spot-checking
  • Negative pressure graduation on the AccuCuff™ indicates when the cuff is fully deflated, reducing the risk of trauma during removal
  • Extensive rangeof standard, reinforced, preformed cuffed tubes available
  • Manufactured from transparent pvc
  • Reinforced versions available reducing the risk of accidental occlusion
  • Clear connectors – EGBAT compliant
  • Murphy Eye
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free
  • DEHP Free
  • 5-year shelf life allows long term storage and reduces waste
  • Supplied in boxes of 10


Cuff-Safe Brochure 

Technical Details
Standard with AccuCuff
Size  Code Size Code Units per box
2.0mm - -
2.5mm ETT-P32-25 6.5mm ETT-P32-65 10
3.0mm ETT-P32-30 7.0mm ETT-P32-70 10
3.5mm ETT-P32-35 7.5mm ETT-P32-75 10
4.0mm ETT-P32-40 8.0mm ETT-P32-80 10
4.5mm ETT-P32-45 8.5mm ETT-P32-85 10
5.0mm ETT-P32-50 9.0mm ETT-P32-90 10
5.5mm ETT-P32-55 9.5mm ETT-P32-95 10
6.0mm ETT-P32-60 10.0mm ETT-P32-100 10
Reinforced with AccuCuff 
Size Code Size Code Units per box
2.0mm - -
2.5mm - 6.5mm ETT-J32-65 10
3.0mm ETT-J32-30 7.0mm ETT-J32-70 10
3.5mm ETT-J32-35 7.5mm ETT-J32-75 10
4.0mm ETT-J32-40 8.0mm ETT-J32-80 10
4.5mm ETT-J32-45 8.5mm ETT-J32-85 10
5.0mm ETT-J32-50 9.0mm ETT-J32-90 10
5.5mm ETT-J32-55 9.5mm ETT-J32-95 10
6.0mm ETT-J32-60 10.0mm ETT-J32-100 10
Oral, Performed, South Facing with AccuCuff
Size Code Size Code Units per box 
2.0mm - -
2.5mm - 6.5mm ETT-K32-65 10
3.0mm ETT-K32-30 7.0mm ETT-K32-70 10
3.5mm ETT-K32-35 7.5mm ETT-K32-75 10
4.0mm ETT-K32-40 8.0mm ETT-K32-80 10
4.5mm ETT-K32-45 8.5mm ETT-K32-85 10
5.0mm ETT-K32-50 9.0mm ETT-K32-90 10
5.5mm ETT-K32-55 9.5mm ETT-K32-95 10
6.0mm ETT-K32-60 10.0mm ETT-K32-100 10
Nasal, Preformed, North Facing with AccuCuff
Size Code Size Code Units per box 
2.00mm - -
2.5mm - 6.5mm ETT-B32-65 10
3.0mm ETT-B32-30 7.0mm ETT-B32-70 10
3.5mm ETT-B32-35 7.5mm ETT-B32-75 10
4.0mm ETT-B32-40 8.0mm ETT-B32-80 10
4.5mm ETT-B32-45 8.5mm ETT-B32-85 10
5.0mm ETT-B32-50 9.0mm ETT-B32-90 10
5.5mm ETT-B32-55 9.5mm ETT-B32-95 10
6.0mm ETT-B32-60 10.0mm ETT-B32-100 10

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