Espiner Disposable Trocar Range


  • Smooth entry with low insertion force into the abdominal cavity
  • Funnel design enables smooth instrument exchange and specimen removal.
  • Clear housing provides surgeon precise visibility of shield position.
  • Thread design maintains the seal & helps ensure a leak free operation.



Trocar Brochure


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Technical Details
Material Code Description Pack Size
F010105110 5mm Bladed trocar 16
F010210110 10mm Bladed trocar 12
F010312110 12mm Bladed trocar 12
F010403070S 3mm Optical trocar 16
F010505110S 5mm Optical trocar 16
F010610110S 10mm Optical trocar 12
F010712110S 12mm Optical trocar 12
F010815110S 15mm Optical trocar 12
F012505110S 5mm Optical Trocar Dual Pack 16