Haemoband Plus

Haemoband Plus Multi-Ligator


The Haemoband PLUS Multi-Ligator is an innovative device from Haemoband Surgical Ltd that facilitates the rubber band ligation (RBL) of haemorrhoids. Disposable and low cost, the Haemoband PLUS offers a very attractive alternative to current haemorrhoid devices by providing an easy to use, ergonomically designed product, pre-loaded with four green latex free rubber bands.

Developed with and by surgeons, the unit has been designed to optimise, simplify and substantially cost-reduce the ligation process.

With its innovative multi action handle which controls suction, fires and reloads bands makes the operation a simple procedure. Just position the multi-ligator as required and gently squeeze the trigger to the stepped guide line to induce suction. Continue to pull the trigger to its final position to apply the band, release the trigger to reduce suction and free the haemorrhoid. The multi-ligator is automatically reloaded with the next band ready for immediate use.


Slim 120mm insertion probe with transparent nozzle for better visibility
The deep transparent nozzle maximises visibility and optimises suction pressure for more accurate banding
Trigger guideline, a stepped line guides the user through each stage of application
Latex free – not made with Natural Rubber Latex
Solo operation
Rapid, reducing procedure time to under 3 minutes
Pre-loaded with 4 green Individually moulded latex-free bands
Reduced patient discomfort
Single use, fully disposable unit
Clinically efficient
Low cost

H1002  Ligator haemorrhoid suction Multi-ligator for the rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids

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