Naso-Flo® Nasopharyngeal Airway Device

The Naso-Flo® nasopharyngeal airway device allows for direct oxygen delivery, while humidification vents positioned towards the distal tip facilitate heat and moisture transfer. It can also be supplied with an optional respiratory indicator with or without hydrophobic filter.

Product Features: 

  • Manufactured from soft silicone reducing the risk of trauma during insertion
  • Colour-coded connectors to aid correct size selection
  • Delivers oxygen directly into the pharynx, reducing the anatomical dead space
  • The upper airway becomes a natural reservoir for the remaining oxygen once patient tidal
    volume has been exceeded
  • Available with or without a Respiratory Indicator, which allows for detection of CO2
    from the distal tip
  • Optional hydrophobic filter (on variants with a Respiratory Indicator) which reduces the risk of
    monitor contamination
  • Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications
  • Tube vents and the physiological position
    improve oxygen humidification
  • Ventilation adaptor available for connection
    between Naso-Flo® and breathing system
  • Cost effective – reduces the need for an oxygen
    mask with the additional benefit of improving
    the visibility of the patients oral cavity
  • MRI compatible
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free
Technical Details
Naso-Flo® with O2 port
Size Code Units per box
4.0mm NF104 10
5.0mm NF105 10
6.0mm NF106 10
7.0mm NF107 10
8.0mm NF108 10
9.0mm NF109 10
Naso-Flo® with O2 port, respiratory indicator and filter
Size Code Units per box 
4.0mm NF204 10
5.0mm NF205 10
6.0mm NF206 10
7.0mm NF207 10
8.0mm NF208 10
9.0mm NF209 10
Ventilation adaptor
Size Code Units per box
15mm NF400 50
Additional Information
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