Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters

Intended Use

  • HealthPICC identifies a range of catheters suitable for central venous systems access through arm’s deep veins.
  • It is recommended for short and long therapies, allowing the venous infusion of liquids, drugs, nutritional therapies and blood samples withdrawal.
  • All HealthPICC catheters are suitable for high-flow rate injection of contrast media (“Power injection”).


  • Power Injectable Catheters – All HEALTHPICC catheter are made of Polyurethane and suitable for high-pressure injections (max flow rate as reported in the table below)
  • Kit Contents
    • HEALTHPICC catheter marked every centimetre
    • Stylet
    • Stylet holder and T-connector
    • 21GA echogenic needle
    • Nitinol straight guidewire
    • Dilator/Introducer
    • Needle Free Connector
    • Grip-Lok®2 suture-less adhesive
    • Safety scalpel
    • Paper ruler
    • Instructions for use
    •  Patient implant card
  • ECG-Compatible – For Catheter’s Tip Correct Placement
  • Reverse Tapered – For an easy and safe implant procedure reducing bleeding risk. Reverse tapering provides excellent kinking resistance too


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