Skintact® Neutral Electrodes

Benefits of Skintact® neutral electrodes:

  • Skintact® Cool Contact neutral electrodes are available for adults and children, split and unsplit, with or without a fixed cable.
  • The unique overlapping gel technology minimizes the risk of burns because of elimination of aluminium edge exposure.
  • The round cutting-edge geometry of Universal Neutral Electrodes disperses current more efficiently thus maintaining a cooler interface between patient and neutral electrode.
  • The peel-off aid allows easy peeling from its cover or the patient’s skin.
  • The flexible, thin foam of the RS and RO series and the low-profile fabric of the WR series are impermeable to liquids. They adapt to the body surface and provide safety.
  • Duplex labels reduce the documentation effort.


Skintact Neutral Electrode Brochure