The high performer of stone extraction baskets…

Perfect for removing concretions of different sizes from hard-to-reach areas of the renal pelvis system comfortably, safely and quickly.

  • Perfect hybrid of grabber and stone extraction basket
  • Elastic, fully articulated three-armed nitinol basket
  • Easy insertion into the lower calyx and quick removal of all concretions
  • Available in two sizes and with two opening options

The product is a combination of…

  • a specially designed three-arm hybrid head (combination of basket and grabber)
  • a new Guide wire technology with high shaft stiffness and hyperflexible distal end
  • including a Tuohy-Borst adapter and an insertion aid for easy insertion into the endoscope‘s working channel
    and as splash guard
  • a wire design designed for durability and functionality
  • an ergonomic push handle for fatigue-free working and
  • excellent irrigation for best visibility enables the reliable and fast removal of even the smallest concretions from
    any position


StoneWrapper® Brochure

Technical Details
Size (FR/CH) Length (cm) Opening Width Ø (mm) Order code
1.5 120 8 48012553
1.5 120 11 48012554
2.0 120 8 48012555
2.0 120 11 48012556