Veress Needles


Fannin UK Ltd single use pneumoperitoneum insufflation needles provide a reliable, safe, cost effective means of gas insufflation in laparoscopic surgery

Single Use Latex Free : Guarantees sterility & sharpness, avoiding difficult time consuming cleaning and re-processing of reusable needles which may be blocked, blunt or mal-functioning


Available in two sizes  120mm (14G)  – 150mm (14G) 

Audible available 

Double warning system,  Audible Sound and colour indicator  confirms proper insertion

Sharp bevelled tip for quick, safe and easy insertion 

Smooth retracting obturator minimises risk of accidental adjacent organ damage

Injected moulded hub gives a comfortable strong grip with no risk of needle detachment

Luer lock with stop cock allowing easy connection and control of gas

Products Available:

VN-0001   Easi-VN Veress Needle 120mm
VN-0002   Easi-VN Veress Needle 150mm
VN0003 Easi VN Audible Veress  Needle 120mm
VN0004 Easi-VN Audible Veress Needle 150mm

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