Veress Needles


Fannin UK Ltd single use pneumoperitoneum insufflation needles provide a reliable, safe, cost effective means of gas insufflation in laparoscopic surgery

  • Single Use Latex Free: Guarantees sterility & sharpness, avoiding difficult time consuming cleaning and re-processing of reusable needles which may be blocked, blunt or mal-functioning
  • Available in two sizes  120mm (14G)  – 150mm (14G) 
  • Audible available 
  • Double warning system,  Audible Sound and colour indicator  confirms proper insertion
  • Sharp bevelled tip for quick, safe and easy insertion 
  • Smooth retracting obturator minimises risk of accidental adjacent organ damage
  • Injected moulded hub gives a comfortable strong grip with no risk of needle detachment
  • Luer lock with stop cock allowing easy connection and control of gas
Technical Details
Products Available:
Code Description 
VN-0001 Easi-VN Veress Needle 120mm
VN-0002 Easi-VN Veress Needle 150mm
VN0003 Easi VN Audible Veress  Needle 120mm
VN0004 Easi-VN Audible Veress Needle 150mm