For long-term application

A long-term ureteral stent

Despite the fact that ureteral stents have become an integral tool in treating or preventing ureteral obstructions, they are often associated with irritative symptoms and flank pain during the indwelling time.  Ureteral stents tend to exhibit high bonding affinity with proteins and bacteria, leading to biofilm formations, encrustations, or infections even after just a short period of time.

Since our greatest goal is to provide the user and also the patient with the best possible experience with our products, the YELLOW-STAR product range from the company UROTECH is treated with phosphorylcholine (PC), to tackle these challenges.

Phosphorylcholine (PC) – What is it about?

  • Biocompatible protection of implants
  • Neutralizes the pH-value on the surface of the stent
  • Water molecules on the surface prevent biofilm formation

Benefits with YELLOW-STAR:

  • Significantly less biofilm formation
  • Reduced urinary tract infections and 12 months indwelling time
  • High patient comfort due to HybridPRO® Technology material
  • Cost efficiency 

Product Variants

  • A total of 5 different diameters and 15 length variants
  • Flexible length configurations
  • Steerable versions for improved manoeuvrability
  • Special configurations for paediatrics
  • Optional with string attached to the vesical end

HybridPRO® Technology