Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your enquiry in relation to our position on the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). DCC Vital recognises the seriousness of this matter and we continue to closely monitor the situation as it develops. We clearly understand that the matter has impacted the health service, patients, suppliers and our employees in different ways, depending on their location and supply channels. Please refer to Appendix for DCC Vital businesses to which this statement relates.

As a market leader in healthcare in the UK and Ireland, DCC Vital understands the risk to the population is significant. However, we are actively supporting and working with the Departments of Health in both Ireland and the UK as well as HSE, NHS and all key suppliers to provide any needed medical devices and medicines to care for affected patients and to protect others.

Our Pandemic Continuity Group are continually reviewing, planning and taking the necessary actions in consideration of the changing situation. This group is currently meeting daily to review national and international updates and revised guidelines. Our businesses have continuity plans in place and these are under continuous review to ensure continuity of supply and services.

We are closely monitoring reference websites on the emerging situation including the following:

  • ROI:
  • England & Wales:
  • Scotland:
  • WHO:


Some of the measures we have taken to ensure continuity of supply are set out below.

Stock availability and logistics
We are satisfied that our plan for stock is sufficient to cope with increased demand, and our current average stock holding meets the HSE & NHS requirement. We are in regular contact with our suppliers to ensure continuity of supply is maintained.  We have a multi supplier policy within the business to minimise risk. Where possible, we have plans in place with suppliers to enable dual sourcing of key product lines. We continue to monitor risk within the supply chain. To date we have not been informed of any adverse issues likely to negatively impact on the supply chain. We believe that we can maintain continuity of supply for our products.

As a precautionary measure, all business travel has been ceased including non-essential movement between our sites. Our business is using phone and video-conferencing to maintain necessary communications with our staff and stakeholders.

As part of our Health & Safety programme, we are communicating and implementing best practice hygiene measures with our staff in line with WHO and Department of Health recommendations.

We have additional facilities in Ireland and the UK and therefore have the option to use these facilities where it may be deemed necessary to ensure continuity of supply for our entire business. Our systems facilitate remote working of our employees should this be required.

Please be assured that we will continue to do all in our control to minimise risk, so as to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain and thus provide you with the service you require.

On behalf of: DCC Vital Pandemic Continuity Group


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