Fannin Joins Forces with Adriamed to Launch EasyFlow® in the UK!

Fannin Ltd is thrilled to announce a synergistic partnership with Adriamed, a leading manufacturer of infusion medical devices renowned for delivering customised solutions that meet the highest industry standards. The strategic alliance between Fannin and Adriamed reinforces Fannin’s position as a leader in medical device technology, dedicated to improving patient outcomes and delivering excellence to its customers.

We are delighted to partner with Fannin. This collaboration allows us to offer even more advanced and comprehensive solutions for patient care, ensuring customers in the UK have access to our cutting-edge elastomeric infusion system, EasyFlow®,” said Francesco Di Florio, CEO of Adriamed. 

As Fannin and Adriamed join forces to bring EasyFlow® to the forefront of medical technology, they reaffirm their commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare.  

Teaming up with Adriamed to introduce EasyFlow® ensures that we can continue to provide customers with the latest innovation. Adding this product to our portfolio enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that prioritise patient comfort and efficacy,” remarked Giles, Head Acute Medical Devices, UK 

Introducing Easyflow® Soft Shell Infusion Pump

The Easyflow® Soft Shell Elastomeric Infusion Pump is crafted entirely from soft materials, prioritising patient comfort, discretion, and mobility. Its innovative design ensures a consistent and uniform infusion flow, offering unmatched precision with a tolerance of +/- 10% of nominal flow on each device. This level of accuracy exceeds that of competing devices, guaranteeing optimal therapeutic outcomes for patients.

The Easyflow® Soft Shell Elastomeric Infusion Pump is tailored for continuous drug infusion across various clinical settings, supporting a wide range of treatments, including chemotherapy, pain management, chelation therapy, antibiotic administration, and hydration therapy. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals, providing seamless infusion delivery for improved patient care.

The Easyflow® Soft Shell Elastomeric Pump prioritises patient discretion and comfort, offering a lightweight and portable solution for continuous drug infusion. Its soft, flexible design allows patients to maintain their daily activities with minimal disruption, ensuring a better quality of life during treatment. 

The Easyflow® Elastomeric Pump can be supplied with an optional hard case. For more information click on the link:  Easyflow-R hard shell elastomeric infusion system.