Martindale Pharma

Martindale Pharma, headquartered in the UK, is a leading international specialty pharmaceutical company providing essential medicines to over 20 countries around the world. They operate principally in the UK and the Middle East and are the market leaders in several classes of medicines in both of these markets.

Their business is centred on three areas.


Firstly, a strong UK commercial operation where they are recognised as a leading provider of Hospital-initiated Medicines in emergency medicine and with innovative and differentiated products in complex neurological conditions, paediatric cardiology and opioid addiction.

Secondly, they have a fast growing and successful international business currently focused around three geographical regions where they have an established reputation for supply and where there are clear growth opportunities for their products. These are Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Co-Operation Council territory, Australia and South East Asia and Northern Europe (focused on Scandinavia).

Third, their in-house manufacturing expertise in the area of sterile injectables and oral liquids combined with their modern, efficient factory which has been approved by multiple regulatory authorities, allows them to be very competitive in the supply of their essential medicines to a wide range of countries.


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