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Smith & Nephew

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Dedicated to healthcare professionals since 1981, Anesthesia and respiratory clinicians use SunMed products daily.SunMed are an FDA registered, ISO-13485 certified manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical devices for use...

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Salter Labs

Salter Labs is a leading global manufacturer of consumable respiratory products for hospitals and home care. Its customers include home healthcare providers, acute care hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers throughout...

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First Kind Medical

Firstkind Ltd, as a subsidiary of Sky Medical technology Ltd is a UK based science-led medical devices companyThrough their innovative mechanism of non-invasive neuromuscular electrostimulation Firstkind Medical have developed a ground-breaking NMES...

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Nordiska has been offering customers in 17 countries a wide range of medical devices, clinic supplies and work shoes since 1978.Nordiska seek to help people who help patients. By partnering with...

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Gardamed provides competitive  and innovative medical devices in the fields of phlebology, lymphology and wound care, and are passionate about their products which encourage...

Flen Health image cover

Flen Health

Flen, a privately owned company, was established in November 2000 building on the results of wound-treatment research performed by its managing director and pharmacist Philippe Sollie.Flen's products for wound healing...

P3 Medical image cover

P3 Medical

P3 Medical is a fast growing UK based company that specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative Anaesthesia and Operating Room Consumables for the global healthcare market. Established...

Hemodia image cover


HEMODIA, created by Pierre MONTORIOL in Toulouse in 1985 - is a company known for its knowledge and expertise in the design, production and marketing of single-use medical devices. HEMODIA has...

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