Asset FlowArt Needlefree Systems

FlowArt Needle Free connectors are designed to prevent needle stick injuries and reduce the risk of catheter related blood stream infections

Product Features: 

  • Transparent housing and clear silicone septum enable the Clinician to visualise the fluid pathway during priming and flushing(1)
  • Smooth flat swabable surface which is easy to clean in line with international recommendations
  • Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique and may help address recent concerns raised by the FDA regarding the safety of positive displacement connectors
  • Non-Return Valve (NRV’s) configurations available to prevent back tracking during administration of multidose intravenous therapies, that could lead to patient overdose. As recommended by the MHRA Alert – MDA/2010/073
  • Straight fluid pathway creating ‘laminar flow’, ensuring effective flushing and a reduced internal surface where biofilm could develop


Asset FlowArt Brochure – Includes Product Codes

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