The Fannin Skintact® team are pleased to announce the addition of the Sticky Mitt Pre Op Glove to our extensive range of surgical consumables.

The Sticky Mitt Pre Op Glove is designed to facilitate the removal of hair and lint from the patient’s skin when pre-op hair removal is necessary, reducing the risk of surgical site contamination and post-procedural infections.

Benefits Include:
• Provides an efficient way of removing loose hairs and debris during pre-op surgery preparation
• Quick application with a large adhesive area.
• Optimised adhesion reduces the risk of skin irritation.
• Can be used on both curved and flat areas
• Can help to reduce surgical site contamination risk.
• Helps reduce the risk of post-procedural contamination/infection
• Latex-free
• Easy disposal after use

Fannin offers a comprehensive range of sterile & non-sterile surgical and medical consumables for use throughout the hospital setting.

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